English as it is broken

So I was in Taiwan for a week over summer, and I couldn’t help but notice examples of ‘Engrish’ (aka ‘Chinglish’) in many places. As it was also my first week having a camera phone, I decided to document every occasion of ‘Engrish’ that I spotted.

Apparently, they decided to clamp down hard on offenders who violate the rule. So yes, you better know what THE RULE is.

They had better be pretty sorry that their equipment was out of control. Luckily its just a screen and not some robot with a mind of its own.

This might be a little hard to decipher during an emergency.

After reading their explanation, I think I’m pretty unpuzzled.

Pretty self explanatory, this one.
Surprisingly, when I got back to Singapore, I spotted a few excellent examples as well. Usually, these are pretty hard to come by in Singapore.

I think someone had just learned past tense in their ESL class.

This might also make a really cool tag line for a sex-ed program.

26. August 2009 by Han Sheng
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