It’s been quite a hectic week but i’m more or less settled down now. trying to adjust to my newly scrambled up timetable. my advisor made a mistake and so the day before the add/drop deadline for courses, i was told i had to drop two of the courses i was taking and take two courses that i thought i was exempted for. oh well, initially i felt quite miffed that they had messed up my nicely planned schedule and now i have 3 days where i have 4 consecutive lessons or more. but now i’m starting to accept it and take it in stride.

anyway last week on sat, i went for “laksa night” organised by the Malaysian And Singaporean Student Association (MASSA). met quite a few singaporeans there. however, most of the singaporean population here consists of exchange students. it really felt at home though, to sit down and start spewing singlish to people, after more then a month of speaking “proper” english.

i’m getting along quite well with a bunch of roughly 10 of them. not all of them are from mcgill though, about 3 of them are from neighbouring Concordia University. And what a small world it is! one of the exchange students happen to be from hwa chong too! what’s more, she’s in my year and from s7 as well. S72 to be specific.

i’ve also been extremely grateful that within this group, a majority of them are christians so we’ve been going to church together the past 2 weekends. it doesnt feel as weird going to a new church in a group rather then alone, as i have been doing the week prior. we’ve also gone for the McGill Christian Fellowship and the International Students Bible Study group together.

in all these, i have truly seen God working and seen how He has planned everything for me. the first two weeks of feeling lonely has really made me appreciate how God is helping me through it all and providing such a good bunch of Christians to be with me. i have been truly overwhelmed and amazed. i get such a powerful feeling of gratitude when i think about it and it really makes me feel undeserving of it all. i thank God everyday for all that i have been blessed with.

20. January 2007 by Han Sheng
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