Deep Freeze

Now i know the true power of the Montreal winter. Two days ago, it was snowing so hard throughout the whole day that snow had accumulated up to nearly my knees in places that weren’t cleared. Coz my uni is located on a hill, the road along the perimeter of my school is upslope too and it was quite scary, walking to school, to see cars slipping and sliding on the road, especially trucks! Saw a bunch of students giving a push to a car that was stuck. It gets pretty messy indoors when there’s snow coz all the snow stuck to the bottom of everyone’s shoes will start melting in the heat indoors and leave wet puddles everywhere. But at least when it snowed, it was still not that cold.

Today when i woke up, i checked the weather forecast and my first reaction was that it had made a mistake. -24 degrees celcius outside! But once i stepped out, it was not doubt that cold. The coldest i have ever experienced in my life! Even with my gloves on, my hands were completely numb after walking for more then 10 minutes. It was so cold that my glasses fogged up everytime i stepped indoors. My nose also felt like it had frozen solid and could just fall off anytime. At least i have a hat covering my ears, if not probably they would feel the same too. But according to the locals, this ain’t the coldest yet. It could go as far as -40 degrees(!!) once or twice a year. This year’s winter is already considered extremely mild.

Oh well, at least i’m enjoying the snow…haha…

17. January 2007 by Han Sheng
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