Ice hockey!

Went to watch my first ever ice hockey match on Sat. It was McGill vs Ottawa. Sadly, in the first ever match i watched, McGill lost. Luckily the results didn’t matter as McGill has already qualified for the playoffs. The scoreline of 5-2 didn’t truly reflect how close the game was. It was actually 3-2 until the last min of the game, when McGill was desperate to score the equalizer and force extra time so they took off their goalie and put on a 6th player. however, that move didn’t pay off and within a min, two more goals were scored by Ottawa.

generally though, it was a rather enjoyable first hockey game. i still wasn’t sure of the rules yet though, so half the time i didn’t know why a penalty was being given. the game is also comparatively more violent then what i’m used to seeing in sports. it seems to be really easy to get personal in the game, with quite a few mini-fights breaking out. however, the referees quickly took control of the situations.

i took some photos of the match so i’ll probably be uploading some photos on my photo blog soon…stay tuned!

23. January 2007 by Han Sheng
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