duct tape and post-it notes

sometimes it feels that my life now is being held together by duct tape and post-it notes coz i just have so much stuff to do and to remember that i write them all down on slips of paper and duct tape it to the wall in front of my desk or just use a post-it note. it’s almost like i can considering wallpapering my room with them…haha…

oh well, today was good coz i settled quite a few administrative stuff and now my mind is weighed down by less stuff. plus i’m going to be charged quebec tuition fees! and if i take into account of my scholarship, which is $1.5k a term, my education here is almost free. not including my living expenses though. and i have to maintain my GPA above 3.5 every year to keep my scholarship. but overall it’s a pretty good deal.

anyways it’s fast approaching 3am already. i have to grab some sleep and try not to wake up too late tmr as i still have lots of stuff to buy tomorrow. Have to drop by chinatown for a visit for some essential cooking stuff…also have other groceries to buy at the nearby supermarket. I’m still not used to having to keep track of everything though. i’ll probably start discovering expired food in the fridge soon…

13. January 2007 by Han Sheng
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