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Can you survive in the gig economy?

Really nice work by The Financial Times to try to give a glimpse into life in the gig economy. Scenario: You’re a full-time Uber driver with two kids to support, and a $1000 mortgage payment due in a week. Can … Continue reading

10. October 2017 by Han Sheng
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How to make Safari work like Chrome

Recently, I switched from using Google Chrome as my primary web browser to using Safari, mainly due to the fact that Safari is faster on my Mac and is more energy efficient because it uses less resources. However, there were … Continue reading

02. May 2015 by Han Sheng
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iPhone 6 in Disneyland

Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch reviews the iPhone 6 in Disneyland. This is the best review of the new iPhones, in real-world use: crowded, noisy, sweaty, outdoors, no wifi, lots of waiting time to play games, lots of photos to capture. … Continue reading

17. September 2014 by Han Sheng
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100mph into the brick wall

Poignant piece about Everpix’s shutdown. This is the less glamorous side of startup life. It feels like we’re going 100mph into the brick wall. And we’re still picking up speed. But we don’t know if the wall is going to … Continue reading

06. November 2013 by Han Sheng
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Look but don’t touch

Google has been tightening its grip on Android: While Android is open, it’s more of a “look but don’t touch” kind of open. You’re allowed to contribute to Android and allowed to use it for little hobbies, but in nearly … Continue reading

04. November 2013 by Han Sheng
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New server

I finally got around to migrating my site from shared hosting to a VPS on DigitalOcean. It took a lot more trouble to set up but I learned a lot in the process. I can now set up my own … Continue reading

01. November 2013 by Han Sheng
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Making the Mac Pro

The ‘how it’s made’ video of the new Mac Pro is just fascinating to watch. What others think of as drab and uninteresting, Apple has turned into an art form. For those interested in the manufacturing process, Greg Koenig provides … Continue reading

25. October 2013 by Han Sheng
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3d printing revolution

Looks like there’s still some ways to go…

17. March 2013 by Han Sheng
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7 million

This video is worth watching after the release of the Population White Paper by the government projecting almost 7 million people in Singapore by 2030. Singapore likes to be a world leader in many fields but I believe the one area … Continue reading

30. January 2013 by Han Sheng
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Thoughts on the iPhone 5

Looking at the reactions to the iPhone 5, I think the biggest success of Android is in reversing, in a few short years, the trend of miniaturisation in the mobile phone industry. Marketing by Android manufacturers have convinced many people … Continue reading

14. September 2012 by Han Sheng
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