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This video is worth watching after the release of the Population White Paper by the government projecting almost 7 million people in Singapore by 2030.

Singapore likes to be a world leader in many fields but I believe the one area they can and should be a world leader in is technology for high-density living. It is time (and perhaps somewhat overdue) for our government to rethink it’s approach to solving the overcrowding problem besides just promising to build more public housing and transit lines in their White Paper.

When was the last time HDB did something truly innovative after they revolutionised public housing in the 1960s? LTA, in recent years, seems to be reduced to an agency for adjusting ERP rates and investigating MRT breakdowns.

The ideas presented in the video are refreshing in their approach to this age-old problem. Our government needs to move faster in developing and adopting such new technologies into the design of our city to keep pace with the population. If done right, 7 million people could live comfortably in our precious 710 square kilometres of space.

Cities around the world have been plagued by overcrowding since the industrial revolution. It is not an easy problem to solve. Let’s be the first to solve it.

30. January 2013 by Han Sheng
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