Trillions: The future of computing

This is a short film (a fast paced preview of a larger effort) by MAYA Design created to put some perspective on the invisible but fast approaching challenges and opportunities in the pervasive computing age.

An interesting way of putting things into perspective, including looking back at early uses of computing. And very nice animations to boot!

It reminds me about a reading I did a few days back for my technological entrepreneurship class about legacy costs for a company and how it can come back to bite the company. I think if we’re building for trillions in the future, using legacy infrastructure carried over from the past (or even the present), the legacy stuff is going to come back and bite us hard. The film is basically saying that we have to build for the trillions from the ground up. That requires a complete rethink of the way we build our networks and devices now, which is very challenging to do as we’re so invested in the current way of doing things.

It’s also interesting how the film is also saying that everything that we need for building for trillions is already present in nature. The complexity of God’s creation is just so staggering that I wonder if we can ever come close to building something like that, and have it work as efficiently as nature does.

10. November 2009 by Han Sheng
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