Today, I watched the Atlantis space shuttle liftoff for mission STS-125 live online. Space shuttle launches never fail to give me goosebumps. It’s always such a grand sight. Engineering at its very best.

Be sure to watch the video at full screen to enjoy the launch at its best.

I like what the NASA commentator said upon liftoff of the space shuttle:

Liftoff of space shuttle Atlantis. Final visit to enhance the vision of Hubble into the deepest grandeur of our universe.

Sadly though, this also marks the last repairs mission that will be conducted on the Hubble Space Telescope. After that, astronomers will just use the Hubble for as long as possible before vital components start breaking down again. Once it can no longer serve its purpose, it’ll be left to slowly orbit the Earth until drag causes its orbit to decay to a point that it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up.

12. May 2009 by Han Sheng
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  1. thanks for sharing this!! this is so cool!the part where they turned on full power, it is almost like anime ahahhaah

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