F1 is coming to town!

No i’m not referring to the news of F1 coming to Singapore anymore. Yes! F1 racing is coming to Montreal next week! The atmosphere here is simply terrific. Everywhere there’s F1 related ads already and just today i saw 3 Ferrari road cars! -drools- The build up to the race will be electrifying…i’ll probably go down to hang out at the circuit area and try to get cheap tickets to watch the race! My first up close and personal experience with F1 racing!

Anyway i’ve just completed my first month of summer studies and just took my finals on Thurs. It was quite disastrous considering that it was a very simple final. Oh well…don’t want to dwell on it. Summer studies was much more intense than i expected as we’re completing 4 months of studies in 1 month. So every week of lesson is 1 month of lessons and since we only have class 4 days a wk, it means dat every lesson is 1 weeks’ worth of lesson. The good thing is that we get over the course in 1 month and during summer we only concentrate on 2 subjects.

Also had to do an oral presentation for my Communications in Engineering class about our project wearing formal stuff with tie and all. Dreadful experience but i learnt a lot. I guess that’s stuff I have to get used to for next time coz as engineers we’ll have to do lots of presentations like that. The hardest thing is trying to explain highly-technical or specialized info to pple who don’t know anything about the subject as they keep asking the same questions over and over again. Luckily i did quite well despite all the nervousness.

My next semester of summer studies start on monday next week and it should be good since i won’t have anymore 8.30am lessons. My lessons next month start at 1.30pm! Can sleep in! And ger’s coming back to Montreal in 2 wks’ time!!

02. June 2007 by Han Sheng
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