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7 million

This video is worth watching after the release of the Population White Paper by the government projecting almost 7 million people in Singapore by 2030. Singapore likes to be a world leader in many fields but I believe the one area … Continue reading

30. January 2013 by Han Sheng
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Cleanest government money can buy

Bloomberg: One way for Asian countries, home to a big share of the world’s households living on $2 per day, to boost their economies is to increase the pay of their civil servants. […] Of course, throwing money at corruption won’t … Continue reading

26. January 2012 by Han Sheng
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Have a little faith…

(My thoughts on the Singapore Presidential Election 2011) Don’t oppose for the sake of opposing, oppose so that Singapore will get better. It is unconstructive to try to bring about change by subverting the proper processes and it sets a … Continue reading

25. August 2011 by Han Sheng
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A Happy Journey Starts Like That!

This is such a typically Singaporean thing. Cringe-worthy rap videos commissioned by the government for certain campaigns, in this case the courtesy campaign. I remember during the SARS period, they were playing the SAR-vivor (a bad pun on the word … Continue reading

26. May 2009 by Han Sheng
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