Help a starving kid this Christmas!

Do a good deed this Christmas! Every minute, a kid somewhere in the world dies from starvation because HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO COOK! You could save a student at McGill from starving to death this Christmas!

Just send in simple recipes to teach him how to cook! It’s that easy! All that is required are detailed instructions on cooking simple dishes. Remember to include stuff like timings and quantities. The email address to send to is “hs[dot]chin[at]lycos[dot]com”.

Thank you for your contribution! Every little bit helps!

NB: This post was done in jest but the need for recipes is real! Thanks!

25. December 2006 by Han Sheng
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  1. first, if you’re using an oven toaster, the key thing is NOT to pull out the timer knob…second, if you are using a microwave oven, dont explode it.third, if whatever in the pot looks like its going to overflow in the next 30 seconds, turn off/down the flame immediately. 5 seconds before it overflows is not going to save you from a lot of cleaning 2 cents worth.

  2. hmm i contribute i contribute! my mum typed out recipes for me before i left for Melbourne, used a few of them, modified a few of them. emailed to you liao, hope it helps! =D

  3. thanks!! =)

  4. for you, i will go to the library again and look at the recipe books available. if i can understand the instructions and create something edible out of it, so can you. =P

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