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Cleanest government money can buy

Bloomberg: One way for Asian countries, home to a big share of the world’s households living on $2 per day, to boost their economies is to increase the pay of their civil servants. […] Of course, throwing money at corruption won’t … Continue reading

26. January 2012 by Han Sheng
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Moonwalking with Einstein

Just finished reading a highly-entertaining but yet very informative book about a journalist’s transformation from curious bystander into winner of the United States Memory Championship. The narrative nicely frames an exploration of the very complex topic of our memories and … Continue reading

02. November 2011 by Han Sheng
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AWARE: More to it than meets the eye

This letter posted on TODAYonline is a very thought-provoking piece on the AWARE saga in Singapore. Aware: More to it than meets the eye09:20 PM May 05, 2009 Letter from Andy Sim In the past few weeks, I have been … Continue reading

10. May 2009 by Han Sheng
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