So after a long hiatus, i’m finally writing an update to my blog. My exams have finished 2 weeks ago but academically, this semester has been quite a disaster for me. I failed 2 courses, out of the 5 i took, only 4 of which had exams.

It was entirely my fault, as I had just skipped too many classes and neglected the 2 courses. It didn’t help that there weren’t any assignments so I just didn’t keep up with what was happening in class. The few days between exams were not enough time for me to catch up and plus there’s no study break, so I just died badly for the papers. Of course it didn’t help that the 2 courses had material that were the hardest to understand for any course I’ve taken so far.

The only consolation is that I managed to get 2 As this semester as well, after not getting a single one last semester. Quite polarizing results I have isn’t it? So the grades exactly averaged out to give me a C average for this semester. All things considered, I’d rather have gotten 2 As and 2 Fs over all Cs. Even though getting all Cs mean i pass all my courses and 2 Fs mean i have to repeat 2 of them, getting the 2 As show that at least I’m good at something. Furthermore, one of them was the design course, where we had to build a robot out of lego and program it. I had put in a lot of effort into that course so the A for that course was all the more satisfactory.

Anyway, with all the academic stuff finished for this year, I’m now working in the McGill Formula SAE team to build a race car for the Formula SAE competition that we’re entering next week in Detroit. After the past 2 weeks of slogging, today at about 1130pm, we fired up the engine of our car for the first time ever. The sweet, sweet sound of the engine has never made me happier (except maybe when i heard an F1 engine fire up for the first time in my life). Although there’s still a lot of work and testing to be done to finish up the car for competition, getting the engine to start takes a lot of pressure off everyone, as we know that at least the most important component of the car is working.

Looking forward to going to Detroit next week!

09. May 2008 by Han Sheng
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