Convocation! (not for me of course!)

So its the time of the year again, where we bid our seniors farewell and watch as they plunge headfirst into the rat race of life. Everything that they’ve worked for up to this point in their life culminates in this one day. I managed to take some nice pictures of the McGill school grounds as everything is spruced up to look perfect for this week-long convocation. It helped that the weather was perfect and summer is slowly creeping up upon Montreal.

The huge tents set up for the convocation ceremonies.

View when walking in from Roddick Gates.

Red carpet treatment for the graduates.

Even Sir James McGill wants to get in on the celebrations!

Sunlight reflected off the buildings in downtown Montreal makes the Redpath Museum on the McGill campus seem like its glowing. The Redpath Museum is the oldest building in Canada built as a museum.

Graduates mingling around in front of the Arts building.

Photo-taking in front of the giant McGill crest made up of red and white tulips.

More mingling in front of the Arts building.

This gigantic school crest, made up of red and white tulips, is actually planted in commemoration of all the brave staff and students who sacrificed their lives during WWII.

Decorations around school congratulating the graduates.

And of course, lest we forget, the francophone students.

30. May 2008 by Han Sheng
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