Hello from New York!

I’m writing this post on a MacBook Air in the Apple Store at 5th Avenue in New York! It’s quite an experience using the Air to type. I really like the keyboard and the build quality. Multi-touch works quite well as well. If they port all of this to the MacBook Pro in the next update, i’ll be sorely tempted to get one…Haha…

Going over to Washington DC tomorrow. Quite excited about that as i’ll be visiting a city i’ve never been to before. Was in Philadelphia visiting Yexiang yesterday and half of the day before. Downtown Philly is quite a nice place although the area that UPenn is located in is quite tough. Just some time ago, Yexiang said there was a gun fight across from where he was staying. He thought it was just firecrackers! Lol…

Anyway i’m out of time now…Will post some pictures and other stuff when i’m back in Montreal. In the meantime, those who are having study break now, enjoy your 1 week break!

26. February 2008 by Han Sheng
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