La fête des Neiges annulée!!

“À Montréal, la fête des neiges, qui devait avoir lieu du 26 janvier au 11 février prochain, est annulée.”

Oh no! I haven’t had the chance to check out the Fête des Neiges since i’ve been to Montreal and it’s been cancelled this year! And it’s all because of some labor dispute (as usual!!). Now i’m starting to appreciate the stability that is present in Singapore. But i guess it’s this little unpredictability that also makes Montreal special.

You never know when the skies might open and dump 40cm of snow upon the city. You never know when the temperatures might dip to a bone-chilling -40 degrees. You never know when the metro and bus workers will go on strike. You never know what student activists have up their sleeves. (Recently, 10+ students invaded and took over the principal’s office at McGill for a day to protest the rising school fees. And that’s just the start of things to come.) You don’t even know if the winter festival you’re planning to go to this year will still be happening (it’s not!).

Oh well, i hope it’ll be back again next year. i feel like i should really explore more of montreal and not just stay around the McGill ‘bubble’. i may feel like i still have lots of time to do that but before i know it, it’ll be my final year and den who knows where i’ll be headed? too bad i’m a full-time student here and my grades are badly in need of some rescuing this semester.

18. January 2008 by Han Sheng
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