Family time!

Christmas this year was spent mostly with my family at our new house in Toronto. Too bad it wasn’t a white christmas but i still managed to make my first proper full-size snowman ever!

Me “skiing” in the backyard.

The backyard comes complete with a kids’ playground! The previous owner of the house sure knew how to pamper their kids…

“Skiing” down the slight slope near the end of the backyard.

Striking a triumphant pose after reaching the bottom!! 😀

Couldn’t fit below the bar so some climbing was required.

Hanging on for dear life…

On my way down the slide.

Photo of my family with my mum’s friend and her kids.

My first proper full-size snowman ever! Boy, was it huge (and slightly deformed)! We named it the BFS (big friendly snowman).

Hitching a ride on the back of the snowman.

The rampage of the BFS…Nooooooo! Don’t squish me!!

28. December 2007 by Han Sheng
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