I think i’m going about crazy on this snow stuff…the rational side of me says its just frozen rain anyway…but the other side of me still gets so incredibly happy and cheerful when it starts snowing outside…

Case in point: Today was quite a crappy day as I had just messed up my lab test by drawing the wrong conclusion (stupid second-order low-pass filters masquerading as resonant band-pass filters!!) so I was feeling pretty down. I felt totally demotivated to study tonight and just kept thinking about the stupid mistake…The thing was, I didn’t realize it had started snowing outside but once i stepped out, i was pleasantly surprised by the snow flakes lightly fluttering down around me, coating everything in a thin sheen of white…The sight instantly brought a smile to my face and all my sorrows/worries/disappointments disappeared…Now how’s that for cheering me up? Lol…

30. November 2007 by Han Sheng
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