10 days left and counting…

Its 10 days left till i depart from Singapore back to Montreal! I really wish time could pass by slower but i guess its also nice to go back to school again. Lessons are gonna be much more interesting this semester. Probably more challenging too. Been busy meeting up with many friends ever since i recovered well enough to go out. Now i’m concentrating on sorting out photos from my summer hols to print out before i go back. Have to start packing soon…Noooooo…… =(

Singapore still feels too much like home. Don’t know when is the next time i’ll be back as i’ll probably be finding work next summer or doing an internship. Furthermore the plane tickets are quite ex and its quite environmentally unfriendly to keep flying across half the world to and fro. Visiting family won’t be a valid reason for the visit anymore as my family will come visit me in December after my sis finishes up her A lvls. She might even end up studying in Canada if she doesn’t get into NUS Medicine either (though i think she stands a pretty good chance). Will be quite sad if this will be my last time in Singapore for an extended period of time.

Speaking of leaving Singapore reminds me of the National Day Parade this year. It was quite a good spectacle in itself although it has quite a weird paganistic theme to things this year, such as the portrayal of the ‘four elements’: earth, water, fire and wind. also all the bowing down before ‘Singa’ nonsense. Besides that though, i really enjoyed the military display this year as it really made use of the water around the floating stage to good effect. Was at one of the rehearsals and was pleasantly surprised to see a Chinook hover above the waters to allow divers to jump into the water as part of the display.

Speaking of NDP suddenly makes me realize how fast time has passed. It was just a year ago that I was part of NDP, doing all the backstage communications stuff. In the blink of an eye, i’ve ORDed, left for studies in Canada and i’m back watching the following year’s parade. In no time at all (3 more yrs actually), i’ll have gotten my Bachelors. Hopefully by then i’ll be able to decide which Masters i’ll take. At the moment i’m looking at a Masters in Biomedical Engineering but i’m also considering something in Computer Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering.

Wow, what was at first a short update has now turned into a full length post about so many things.

13. August 2007 by Han Sheng
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