End of 1st semester!

The last day of classes was today…Can’t believe time passes so fast…it’s already the end of my first semester in university already! 6 papers to go before i completely finish my semester! But my schedule is quite crazy and its not helped by the fact that McGill doesn’t have the practice of having 1 wk of study break.

So basically, my exams start in 2 days time (Friday)! By this time next wk, I would have finished 5 of my 6 papers…1 paper on mon, 2 on tues and 1 on wed. Then the next paper is MORE than a wk after…haha…oh well…i can’t decide if time shld pass faster or slower. On one hand, i really want the exams to be over and done with but on the other hand, i would have liked more time to prepare for my papers…

That’s all i have time for now…just a short update. Time to go back to work!

12. April 2007 by Han Sheng
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