Photoblog update!

I’ve resumed updating my photoblog…i think it’ll be easier to post a photo once every few days rather den to write an entry. I guess it’s just the way i tick. I’m more of a visual person den a word person…

Just finished my last midterm exam! Yeah!! But can’t slack for too long as my Finals are in 1 months’ time! Time passes really quickly…Can’t wait for summer…haha…

14. March 2007 by Han Sheng
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  1. Hello!I happened to chance upon your blog while googling for Singaporeans in McGill. Anyway, I’m also a Singaporean and I applied to McGill for fall 2007. I have yet to receive an answer from them but it’s my current top choice.Would like to ask you some questions about your experience so far in McGill, if you don’t mind :pMy email address is [email protected], and if it’s more convenient for you, i have an msn account under [email protected]‘m presently really really excited about McGill, from what I’ve found out about the school and the city from people. Seems like a great place for an overseas experience.Anyway, thanks! Hope to hear from you.

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