Be careful of what you wish for…

Well i was hoping for snow and now it’s snowing really heavily. Don’t know if it is considered a blizzard yet though coz I haven’t experienced one before. But to me, it really is one of the heaviest snowfalls i’ve experienced here. When I turn in the direction of where the wind is blowing from, I immediately get a faceful of snow. Time to take out my waterproof snow boots.

I’ve still not gotten used to the fact that I have to check the weather forecast before going out so that i’ll know what temperature the day will be like, coz in Singapore there wasn’t much of a need to. But over here, more then once i had to come back home to wear an additional layer or leave on layer at home. Probably I’ll be able to judge better as time goes by.

I also have to get used to taking of a layer or two of clothing whenever i go indoors just because it’s so warm inside. So like whenever I enter a classroom or lecture hall, I’ll be busy removing my jacket and trying to get the big fat jacket to behave.

Also, condensation on my glasses happens to other way round as compared to Singapore! Back in Singapore, I get condensation on my glasses when I leave an air-conditioned building. But over here, my glasses fog up everytime i step into a building.

Basically that’s just some of the things I have to get used to due to the changes in the weather between here and back in Singapore. There’s still tonnes of other stuff that i have to adjust to, especially like that cultural differences and such. But that would probably belong to another post at some other time.

11. January 2007 by Han Sheng
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  1. do something abt that bottle of snow of mine!!

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