The perils of being tall

The room that my dad rents in Toronto where i’m currently staying at belong to a house whose owner has a two year old kid. She’s at the stage at which she is extremely cute. Somehow she seems to quite like me, always running towards me and hugging my legs. Once, i decided to make it a bit more exciting for her, so while she ran towards me, I picked her up and swung her into the air, arms fully extended, when suddenly…

…’kok’, her head came into contact with the ceiling! Luckily it wasnt too hard and knock and she just laughed it off. The worse thing is to have in your hands a crying kid, especially when you’re the reason for the crying.

Oh well, from now onwards i have to be more careful when playing with little kids…haha…

19. December 2006 by Han Sheng
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  1. terribly cute 2 yr old kid? u obviously havent heard of the phrase “terrible twos” to describe that particular stage of a kid’s life… wait till they start crying. =P

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