Snow at last!

I’m accessing the internet from Starbucks using my laptop now as I have no internet access from my room yet.

Anyway, i got m first glimpse of snow on Boxing Day, on my way over from Toronto. The temperature’s been steadily dropping now and is currently past -10 degrees Celsius. The weather forecast now will seem foreign to any Singaporean accustomed to only two modes of weather, “rain” or “shine”. There’s terms like “snow flurries”, “freezing rain”, “wind chill”, etc. Each of which sounds just as cold as the other. After the snow started on Boxing Day, weather forecasters have been saying that “the snow is finally here!”.

However, the evidence of climate change is undeniable now. Two days back, there was this report about a big ice shelf that broke off in the north of Canada near the North Pole due to global climate change.

On a happier note, I’ve been wandering around downtown Montreal checking out the area and getting familiar with the city, finding out places to buy stuff and to eat. The only problem is that it’s very troublesome to take photos now that it’s so cold. My gloved fingers are simply too clumsy to operate the camera and not using gloves will cause my fingers to start feeling numb in about half a minute.

I also went to visit Ottawa, the state capital of Canada, as well as Quebec City, further up north of Montreal. I’ll try to post some photos of my visit as soon as possible on my photoblog.

As I don’t know when’s the next time i’ll be coming online again, I’ll just like to wish everyone reading a Happy New Year! May all your new year resolutions come true! Haha…

29. December 2006 by Han Sheng
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  1. hey, on the bright side, you can tell ALL the 冷笑话 you want! the weather will provide the absolute IDEAL conditions for the joke…i hope it didnt go another 5 degrees lower after you read this comment.

  2. i totally disagree. look the purpose of 冷笑话 is to cool down the hot weather. the weather’s so cold there and u want him to tell all the 冷笑话.. and somemore he’s alone.. u want him to freeze himself to death ah..

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