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Wow! This looks like something from a sci-fi movie.

I wonder how many million dollars this thing costs?

07. April 2009 by Han Sheng
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Canada Grand Prix 2008

[youtube=] Highlights from the Canadian Grand Prix 2008, where I was watching live at the track!

12. June 2008 by Han Sheng
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生死不离 你的梦落在哪里想着生活继续天空失去美丽,你却等待明天站起无论你在哪里,我都要找到你血脉能创造奇迹你的呼喊就刻在我的血液里 生死不离,我数秒等你消息相信生命不息我看不到你,你却牵挂在我心里无论你在哪里,我都要找到你血脉能创造奇迹搭起双手筑成你回家的路基 生死不离,全世界都被沉寂痛苦也不哭泣爱是你的传奇,彩虹在风雨后升起无论你在哪里,我都要找到你血脉能创造奇迹你一丝希望是我全部的动力 This is a song written for the victims of the China earthquake that i came across on youtube. Found the lyrics quite well-written and very moving. It’s sung by Jackie Chan. [youtube=] Even though they’re out … Continue reading

28. May 2008 by Han Sheng
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Discovery Channel: I Love the World

[youtube=]An ad by discovery channel. Has a real catchy tune to it…Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada… after repeated watching of the video and some help from zhi wei, i managed to transcribe the … Continue reading

21. May 2008 by Han Sheng
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Youppi: le Comeback Kid

[youtube=] A terrific video of the Habs’ mascot, Youppi. And its made all the more authentic and enjoyable by the typical Québécois accent of the narrator.

06. May 2008 by Han Sheng
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Amazing Hand Puppetry!

Just an interesting video to share. GREAT Shadow Puppetry – The most amazing home videos are here

22. August 2007 by Han Sheng
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